Message from the President

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  • El- GOMHOURIA  Company for drugs , pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies
  • El- GOMHOURIA  Company for drugs , pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies was established in 1963, for the purposes of importing and marketing pharmaceutical and laboratory chemicals, medical devices and supplies.
  • El-GOMHOURIA Company is regarded as the first national company responsible for importing medicine in Egypt like: pharmaceutical and laboratory chemicals, in order to provide the growing needs for the industry of drugs in Egypt in terms of pharmaceutical chemicals and devices. The company imports all hospitals, universities and research centers’ needs such as pharmaceutical chemicals and scientific devices for laboratories, and provides most of the needs of the public and private sector from these devices.
  • In addition to the basic tasks of the company, it is also importing and exporting  some of educational research supplies and dental units. The company also has the largest specialized center for installing, operating and maintaining these devices and training technicians who are graduates of technical institutes and professional centers.
  • The company is distinguished by the fact that it provides hospitals and treatment units with all their needs, whether from medical and scientific devices and equipments or civil equipment such as kitchens, laundries, beds and all the requirements of patients as follows: –
  • Hospital fitments 
  • Scientific and medical devices.
  • Production lines, raw materials and pharmaceutical packages
  • Medical supplies, laboratory glass, and hearing aids
  • Laboratory chemicals and diagnostic solution.
  • As well as laboratory chemicals and medical supplies. The activity of el-gomhouria Company also has extended outside the Egyptian country, to provide medical supplies to 26 Arab and African countries during the two decades